Daniele, Rocco, Rosella and their animals welcome you to the “Serre“ (Al Ser)
We are in the heart, in the real centre of Frignano, in a bright and wonderful oasis of nature, one hour driving from Modena, 
twenty minutes from Pavullo nel Frignano and ten only from Montecreto and Sestola.

In a small ancient country town we offer to our guests the true feeling of B&B: hospitality, simpathy, friendship, good food and good drink!
Above all you can live, even if for one day and one night only, “at home“.
A whole country home for you, not only a Motel room !

In the Appennino Modenese the big country home has been restored maintaining the typical character of this land: chestnut wood for the floors and the ceilings, majolica stoves, a big fireplace, in short a Country Home.

…without forgetting a little touch of technology: internet WiFi connection for our guests, a music room with the maxi screen as well as a very well provided gamesroom.
"B&B al 211" is SocialNetwork and TV free.


Flat "La Loggia"
Animals at Home Animals out of Home Solar Paneling And Other